Basic Package :

Linda Nezbeda, wearing a yellow t-shirt reading "Be a Nice Human" with an adult Rhodesian Ridgeback

Sit, stay, lay down and come
5 hours (1 hour per day for 5 days)

Aggression Towards Other Dogs :

Beginning at four hours
Aptitude testing
$250 (first four hours)

Barking At People :

Beginning at four hours
Aptitude testing

Leash Obedience And Walking on Leash :

Beginning at 4 hours

Customized Testing Request by Owner :

Free initial consultation
Aptitude testing
Pricing to be determined during consultation

Service Dogs :

Security dogs
Anxiety PTSD dogs
Mobility Assistance
Psychiatric service dogs
Therapy dogs
Hearing dogs
Guide dogs

Service Animals

How to Get a Dog :

Free consultation and intake of potential owner to assess needs and match owner to qualify service dog.

Videos :

Free tips and tricks for dog training, like Dos and Don’ts of walking a dog on a leash, will be coming soon!

*All services, fees and prices subject to change. Contact us to the most up to date pricing and information.