Basic Package

Your dog will learn to sit, lay down and come when called..

Aggression Towards Other Dogs

Does your dog have a temper? 

Leash Obedience And Walking on Leash

Does your dog pull on the leash? Get distracted by squirrels? Try to go its own way? 

Service Dogs, custom services and more

Anxiety and PTSD dogs, Security Dogs, Mobility Assistance, How to get a Dog, custom requests and more!

What our clients say

Okay, so, not all of our clients can speak for themselves, but you can still ask them!

“Linda rescued me from imminent death .-Seriously! I was on death row. Now, I know how to sit, lay down, and can go between the car and the house all by myself!! ”

Linda Nezeda, dog trainer, wearing a red t-shirt and a blue cap hugging Zeke - a large, smiling yellow lab.
Yellow Lab

“Hi. We’re Lelo and Scrappy. Before Linda rescued us, we were afraid to be touched by humans. Thanks to her, we became best friends and have found our forever homes!”

Lelo and Scrappy, besties rescued by Linda Nezbeda and helped to find their forever homes.
Lelo and Scrappy

Lots of stories yet to be told. Want your dog’s story to be pictured here? Call today and set up an appointment! 971-217-8406

Lady bent over on the ground hugging a dalmation
<your dog’s name here>